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Have you just written a book? Tell me about it. Give me a short blurb about the story, the publisher, and where a reader can obtain your book. I just published my own book, The Gypsy Pall. It is an odd erotica book that is really not a romance, so it fits no genre. For that reason, I chose to self publish.  As a new writer, I am trying to figure out ways to promote my book. If you have ideas on self-promotion, please share those as well. Thanks!


6 Responses to “Talk about your book”

  1. In this sexy debut novel, J.S. Hawley introduces two strong-willed people whose attraction is explosive, surprising, and definitely trouble. And they wouldn’t have it any other way…

    Come With Me: Contemporary Interracial Erotic Romance by J. S. Hawley

    Jessica Bishop has a motto: my way or no way. It’s what made her a media icon–a successful sister in a white man’s world. And it’s what made her leave it all behind. Desperate to be alone, Jesse takes refuge in her brother’s secluded North Carolina cabin. But it’s no safe haven. Instead she finds herself in close quarters with a dangerously sexy man–Michael Majestic Cloud Walker–a man she’s trying desperately to resist. But the moment Mike sets his penetrating steel-gray eyes on Jesse’s fine, curvaceous body with its silky smooth caramel skin, his driving ambition is to know every inch of her inside out. And if she wants to put up a good, long, sensual fight, he’s all game. Soon their passion is ignited and hotter than he ever expected–and something he won’t give up easily…

    If You Were Mine – Contemporary, Interracial, Erotic, Romance by J. S. Hawley

    Always on the go, successful entrepreneur Jailyn Wyatt loves her life. After the death of her father, Jailyn points her energies in a positive direction by putting her bohemian mark on an old Connecticut farmhouse. Something else also makes the long drive from New York City worthwhile: Caleb Vincent, a real estate mini-mogul who appreciates Jailyn’s eccentric outlook, not to mention her sexy curves.

    Rebuilding his reputation after a professional setback hasn’t been easy or fun, so Caleb is only too happy to collaborate with the vibrant Ms. Wyatt on the revitalization of a ramshackle inn in need of some TLC. Any excuse to keep the lady around, but the disaster that suddenly threatens Jailyn’s own business isn’t exactly what Caleb had in mind. Now, reaching out to old contacts to help Jailyn may stir up some bad memories, but the chance to build real love from the ground up comes once in a lifetime…

    Both Novels are for sale new and used on under J. S. Hawley where you can also find plenty of honest reviews to help you make a decision. My blog also appears on Amazon so if you want to promote through me let me know. My e-mail appears on my webpage.

    You can also go to my publisher and order through them or my webpage.

  2. Hi,

    I am also a new writer and have written three IT books all of which haven’t been published.

    One idea I had was to send letters to all the local schools, colleges and university to ask them to review my book, but I haven’t heard anything back (yet)

    I am also finding it hard to promote my book and am looking at saving the funds to enable me to obtain an ISBN.I think an ISBN will help me promote my book to supermarkets like Tesco and Asda.

  3. Confessions of a “Natural” is a photographic journey into the quilts of Connie and Maurine Dodge and their fore bearers. Connie lives with stage four cancer and probably won’t be doing much more quilting leaving many UFO’s (quilt lingo for Unfinished Objects) to Maurine who put this book out as a fund raiser for the much needed eye surgery to restore her vision and also to continue funding the home health care needed to care for Connie. It is designed to appeal to quilters and genealogists, descendants of Nellie Pond, Catherine May Nicols, Florinda Shoemaker, and the Dodge families

  4. I’ve written and self-published 6 books

  5. Something tells me Daniel Ackerman’s books are very, very short.

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