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The well worn

Tell me what the words “well worn” mean to you.


2 Responses to “The well worn”

  1. Well Worn? Hmmmm, I have used the term several times and have had a number of images enter my mind when I’m visualizing certain items. I have never related the phrase “Well Worn” with any other items accept female footwear. In my mind Well Worn is an item that has a lovely pungent aroma infused into the material. No holes or rips are necessary as to me, the scent will define how much wear has taken place. Holes and rips only define age, not the actual wear. It’s the strong pungent scent that some relate to cheese, popcorn, fritos, but to me these examples do not capture the essence of the female foot scent.

  2. To me, the words “well worn” describe a path that many have taken or an object that throughout the years, many have used and possibly loved, like a well worn old gray barn or an old rocker that many people have sat in to wile away the hours. I love the words, they bring up so many different images. It could be a well worn book, a well worn instrument, or a well worn rug. Anything that has been used and treasured for ages.

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